Browse Our Downtown Miami Art Gallery

One-of-A-Kind Pieces from Local Artists

Hotel Urbano is a one-of-a-kind destination for viewing Miami’s hottest local artwork. Every season renowned art curator William Braemer carefully selects new pieces for display at our down town property. Our lobby, hallways and guestrooms are a living museum featuring the best up-and-coming artists in town.

Miami’s eclectic art scene continues outside our doors. Over 70 galleries and museums are less than 10 minutes away in the famous Wynwood Art District. Scroll down to learn more about the rich art scene at Hotel Urbano.

Hotel Urbano Featuring William Braemer

Cuban-American artist William Braemer is the director of Miami’s Art Fusion Galleries and the lead curator at Hotel Urbano. A promising artist in his own right, Braemer brings a unique perspective to the art on display at our hotel.

Braemer began his obsession with art as a young man in New York City. Growing up, he was exposed to a great variety of artwork through his father’s job at an art auction house. Braemer moved to Europe and developed a taste for the rich artistic history of Florence.

Braemer ultimately settled in Miami, where he started the Art Fusion Galleries with Jay Jakela. Soon thereafter, he partnered with Hotel Urbano and has brought new work to our hotel every season. Braemer’s abstract, inventive use of colour has been called “exuberant, vibrant and prodigious.” Seeing his work is a must for guests staying at Hotel Urbano.

Walk Through Wynwood

The Wynwood Art District is the heart and soul of the art scene near Hotel Urbano. Located between 36th and 20th streets, the district is home to more than 70 galleries, museums and art collections – each overflowing with brilliant Miami artwork. On the second Saturday of every month, galleries invite art lovers for a day of live music, vibrant art and light refreshments.

Recognized internationally as one of the most important artistic destinations in Miami, the Wynwood Art District always features something new and interesting.

Art Fusion Galleries

Started in 2002 by William Braemer and financier Jay Jakela, Art Fusion Galleries is a champion for new and emerging artists in the area. Drawing inspiration from the famous galleries found in Chelsea, the gallery has accumulated stunning pieces from around the world.

Representing more than 800 artists locally and internationally, Art Fusion Galleries has become one of the most important destinations in the Wynwood Art District. Visitors should be sure to stop by the 8,000-square-foot gallery and browse the distinct styles found at this gallery.

Wynwood Walls

Created in 2009 as part of a revitalization process, the Wynwood Walls have grown into a symbol of the creative energy and unique aesthetic of the Wynwood Art District. Capturing the individual expression of some of the world’s best street artists, these enormous walls are covered in brightly painted murals. Some of the best artists from the United States, Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, Portugal, Ukraine, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Germany, France and Japan transform the walls into personal demonstrations of street art style.

Be sure to stop by this unique exhibition of street art, found only in the Wynwood Art Neighborhood, just minutes from Hotel Urbano.